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Message in a Bottle Promotional Product
How will you announce your next event?
Invite your guests?

How will you make your company stand out from the rest? by sending a MIB.

We want to help you create the most unique invitation/promtional product that will generate leads, sales, and/or bring the right people to your event.
We want to take hectic out of your hectic sechedule -because you have more important things to do.
Review the images and information below, ultimately you decide what goes in your MIBs. We look forward and are privileged to be part of your event.

We have hundreds of confettis that can be ordered.
When you go to the order form, you can input what your looking for, and we will scan an image of it and send it to you. Get creative we are here to help you create the perfect wedding invitation, truly unique, like no other.

Pricing is as follows

24 - 200 plastic MIBs(7 inches tall by 2 inches wide) $3.25 per MIB.
24 - 200 glass MIBs(7 inches tall by 2 inches wide) $4.25 per MIB each of
these MIBs is packed individually in a white box resting on a sea of blue packing material.
250 and up plastic MIBs $2.95
250 and up glass MIBs $3.95

Above pricing is for any standard MIB on the website.
Invitations are printed in black ink, color ink is available at additional cost.
Graphics and scanned background images on invitation available at additional cost.


Postage cost Plastic - $1.31
Glass - $2.66 first class mail

New mailing service

For only $.40 extra per MIB plus the necessary postage per MIB, we will print your labels attach them to the box, or plastic bottle. Affix the necessary postage and bring them to the post office for you. All you have to do is send us an email with your addresses to us in an Excel file, which we will email to you. When considering this service, remember the cost of shipping and handling of the MIBs to you.

RSVP Postcards - (Images on right side) Post cards will be printed on postcard parchment paper, same color your wedding invitations are printed on. You might be wondering where is the wording, you get to write your own. Each postcard measures 4.25 x 5.5 they come with postage, your address printed on the opposite side. Prices start at $.75 per MIB(includes $.24 postage stamp) pricing depends on quanity.
If ordering glass we will insert them into the box with the MIB, if ordering a plastic MIB after you place your order and have confirmed we will tell you the method of mailing RSVPs.

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